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Victoria Mba-Jonas

As soon as I get out the train station, I start running down Liberty Street. My first day orientation starts in two minutes and I can't find the Time Inc. building. I'm literally out of breath and nervous. My palms are sweating because I cannot believe I’m going to be late to my first day. I turned my head to the right and there I see Time Inc. written on a building. I rush inside and head to the fifth floor. When I get to the fifth floor, I see the other Time Inc. interns mingling over a light breakfast. So, I do the obvious and grab a plate and get some breakfast. Once I bite down on my bagel, I start chatting with the other interns.

That day stands as the morning portion of my first day at Essence magazine. Yes, little ol’ me is interning at the leading magazine for “the Love of Black Women.” Me being Victoria Mba-Jonas, the rising senior who attends Howard University and is from Bowie, Maryland.

The morning of June 5 was literally a dream of mine that became a reality. No, this isn't a cliche, I really love Essence! I've been subscribed since I was two years old. It's a long story but thanks to my grandma for knowing my somewhat of destiny.

Being at Essence is everything I expected. It is the epitome of black girl magic. And luckily for me, this isn't a Devil Wears Prada kind of situation. My editor is amazing. This hasn't been the coffee-fetching internship either. But, I would've totally done that if necessary.

Life at Essence has been full of nothing but opportunity. I have written multiple Snapchat Discover stories, attended several events and I’m currently working on my first story for the October print issue. Never in a million years did I think an email notification from Nina would turn into the summer of my dreams. With my last day at Essence around the corner, I have been in such a bittersweet mood. I’m happy to have been given such a life-changing opportunity but I might seriously cry the last day.


However on a brighter note, I look forward to my last year at Howard University. I can't wait to get more involved with my organizations/clubs and have brunch with my friends. From this point forward I will push my writing, editing and photography to the next level. I declare this year will be LIT because I promise to live fearlessly. If you don't believe me, follow my journey on So long for now to the Big Apple — until we meet again after graduation.


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