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Amanda Reed

When I first told people I was interning at Martha Stewart Weddings this summer, the first two things they asked me were: “Are you going to meet Martha Stewart?” and “Does that mean you’re going to a bunch of weddings?” The answer to those questions were “probably not” and “no, I wish.” They should have asked: “Are you going to learn something about yourself and the magazine industry?” and “Will you finally be able to tell your parents what you’re going to do after you graduate when they ask?” because the answer to both of those questions would have been a rousing “yes.”


My days go a little like this: after getting in at around 9:45, I head to the kitchen and make myself a cup of vanilla hazelnut Donut Shop coffee. From there, it’s go time. I sit down, take a few sips, check my email and get to work. If it’s a Monday or a Tuesday, I’m working with Brooke, resident travel expert and senior editor at Weddings and our sister publication, Martha Stewart Living. If it’s a Wednesday or Thursday, I’m working with Shira, the “real weddings” editor with a passion for cats and the color purple. Friday is a mix of the last four days I could be writing travel blurbs for the next online monthly deals article. I could be starting the next web wedding, profiling an actual ceremony in a 20-picture slideshow. I could be databasing, adding the newest hotels and wedding details into a spreadsheet.


Doing all this, I’ve learned quite a few things. I know what a ranunculus is and can spot it in a rogue bouquet. (In case you didn’t know, it’s a beautiful, rose-like flower that comes in all different colors) Puns are almost never SEO-friendly, no matter the quality and how hard you try, but it won’t stop you from making them. Hotels all over the world are united by the tenets of “24-hour room service, award-winning restaurants and high-quality spa.” There are countless ways to incorporate your pets into your wedding (Have them walk down the aisle with you! Print their image onto flip-flops and hand them out at the reception!). Finally, and most importantly, take your time; slow and steady wins the race and yields higher quality work with far less red pen.


So, yes, I may not have met Martha or gone to a wedding, but turning to a page in the newest issue and being able to say, “I did that” feels just as exciting, rewarding and incredible – maybe even a little better.




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