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mentor program

Past ASME Next mentors have included editors from these publications and more:

in her own words

intern: anna meyer, inc. // mentor: rose minutaglio, PEOPLE

Every intern is paired with an ASME Next mentor. These junior editors provide advice, anecdotes and a friendly face in an unfamiliar city. 

Sitting across from my ASME NEXT mentor, Rose Minutaglio, I take in the crowded sake bar in the East Village neighborhood of Manhattan. The space would be described by a realtor as “artistic and cozy,” meaning there’s six too many tables shoved into the candle lit basement and the air is filled with the sounds of chatter and clinking glassware. The walls are decorated with graffiti left by the countless patrons before us, and I can’t help but point out the “Anna was here” scribbled above Rose’s head in black ink.

Like the true experienced reporter that she is, Rose asks me questions about my internship and how my opinions of the magazine industry have changed now that I only have a few weeks left. Ever since I met her at the beginning of the summer, I’ve always felt at ease around her and knew I could answer her honestly––a trait that I’m sure has served her well in her experiences at PEOPLE and Sports Illustrated.

As we chat, we come to a conclusion about being a writer in New York City: There is nothing more valuable than having a person who actually cares about your well-being and interests in this city. In a place where it’s possible to come into contact with thousands during your daily routine, it’s also quite possible that none of those people take the time to give you a second thought, let alone ask you about your day.

That’s the thing that has benefited me the most about Rose. As a young writer coming to New York for the first time, Rose has been the mentor that provided me with more than just career advice and a +1 on LinkedIn. She’s also been there to look out after me as I navigate my way through my first big break into the industry.

Rose and I have gone on outings this summer ranging from a panel event of women CEOs in TriBeCa to an orchestra party in Soho. She has shown me what is within reach over the next several years if I play my cards right, and that has motivated me to start strategizing.

I know that we’ll be in contact for years to come, and our relationship is invaluable to me as I begin my career. With guidance and support from a mentor like Rose, hopefully my mark in this city will be more than scribbled graffiti in a crowded basement sake bar. -Anna Meyer

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