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2023 Weekly Lunches

Each week, the remote and in-person ASME interns meet with professionals in the media and magazine industry. Over lunch, the interns ask their most burning questions, get wonderful career advice, and make lifelong connections with like-minded people. In 2023, the interns met with the following industry leaders. 


Emily Gottschalk-Marconi, Chief of Staff and Director of Newsroom Operations
Jerusalem Demsas, Staff Writer and recent ASME NEXT Award recipient
Andrea Valdez, Managing Editor


Debra Rosenberg, Executive Editor
Ted Scheinman, Senior Editor
Meilan Solly, former ASME intern and now assistant digital editor
Brian Wolly, Digital Editorial Director


Elizabeth Angell, Editor in Chief
April Daniels Hussar, Managing Editor
Jamie Kenney, Writer

Kaitlyn Greenidge, Features Director
Stephen Mooallem, Editor at Large

Ryu Spaeth, Features Editor
Marisa Carroll, Features Editor 
Mariam Aldhahi, Managing Editor
Lindsay Peoples, Editor in Chief, The Cut
Lisa Miller, Features Writer


Katherine Bagley, Executive Editor
Matt Craft, Senior Editor

Chuck Squatriglia, Senior Editor

Lisa Freedman, Executive Editor
Hanna Dorough, Assistant Editor
Tara Cox, Managing Editor

Screen Shot 2023-07-25 at 1.53.27 PM.png

Blaise Zerega, Editorial Director
Beth Spotswood, Digital Editor


Maura Fritz, Associate Director, Editorial Recruiting, Hearst Magazines
Renetta Welty, Associate Director (Creative Lead), Talent Attraction, Hearst Magazines

"Art of the Job Search" 

Screen Shot 2023-08-02 at 1.45.17 PM.png

Puja Patel, Editor in Chief
Amy Phillips, Executive Editor
Jeremy Larson, Reviews Director
Cat Zhang, Assistant Editor

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