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"Whether it’s during your lunch break or after work, try to get out the door at least once a day. You’d be surprised by how energizing a walk around the block or your neighborhood can be." - Carol Lee, Food Network and Pioneer Woman

On a Walk

"1. Have a designated work notebook where you write down your tasks for the day as well as goals and take meeting notes 2. Use a tool like asana to list your assignments and share the board with your editor/manager so they know what you're up to each day 3. Go outside! Whenever you get the chance!"

- Madeleine Janz, World Wildlife Magazine

Man Working from Home

"Try to distinguish between your work space and your rest space. While working in bed or even in your bedroom can be enticing, it makes it much harder to unwind at the end of the day. If you don’t have much physical space where you are living, distinctions like getting fully dressed or even just sitting at a desk can be reminders to your mind and body of when you are working and when you are relaxing." - Sydney Gold, Ad Age

"Dedicate a space at home solely for work and separate from the place you relax. Also make sure it is an area good for zoom calls! (you want to worry about family/roommates walking past in the background)"

- Cey'na Smith, Inc

"Change up your workspace! It gets boring staying in the same room by yourself all day :)"

- Savanna Bous, Fast Company

"Have something you intermittently look forward to! Like a cup of coffee of tea!"

- Teresa Xie, Inc

"Make sure to take breaks, especially to eat lunch, stretch, look at something other than a screen." - Meara Isenberg, CNET

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