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Tips from the interns:

"Make as many connections as possible, and learn about every angle of the business — talk with design directors, business executives, and editorial staff. You’ll be amazed at how much everything entails...Be an asset. If someone on your team is having an issue, find a way to be the solution."

-Eden Stratton, The War Horse

"Say yes to everything. Tackle all the tasks that come your way and produce quality work...
Under promise and over-deliver. Set realistic expectations for your deadlines and work, then blow them away!"

-Jenna Anderson, Inc. Magazine

"Always ask for feedback and be open to help. You are not expected to know everything and improvement is the best way to impress."

-Emily Figueroa, World Wildlife Fund

"Be curious. You’re in this industry for a reason and another quality that people will be looking for when hiring is curiosity. Know what is going on in the niche that you want to write about. Always have questions when you are writing. Ask yourself what the reader would be thinking and answer those questions they may have!"

-Fraley Williams, Food Network Magazine

"Be a sponge! Not everyone will have internship opportunities to inform their career. Use this time to ask one million questions a day about career advice for operating CMS. Get to know your team and schedule one-on-one meetings to learn more about their work and what advice they have for you. Another thing I did through my ASME internship was update a "Work Diary" each week that tracked my assignments, what I learned that week, etc. It's been helpful to look back at those notes and familiarize myself with my projects!" 

-Eleanor Chalstrom, Bob Vila

"Once you have an internship, don’t be shy about making connections with people at your company who you admire! Practically everyone working in the industry started out as an intern or in an entry-level journalism position and wants to help out the next generation. Even a 10-minute coffee chat with someone whose work you admire can be incredibly fruitful and full of concrete advice for advancing your career."

-Kaitlyn Huamani, PEOPLE Magazine

"Always say yes! If someone asks if you would be interested in helping them with something or taking on a new task, do it! Enthusiasm is one of the best qualities you can show your employer."

-Fraley Williams, Food Network Magazine

"Don’t be afraid to pitch and write stories in areas you’ve never explored before. Whether it’s artificial intelligence, legal decisions, or the electric flying car industry, every story is a crash course—dive right in!"

-Alex Dong, Fast Company

"Take advantage of the weekly lunches! Not only is it an opportunity to make connections in the magazine world, but it’s also a great way to learn about different roles and understand how different publications work. Make sure you come prepared with thoughtful questions and don’t hesitate to reach out afterward."
-Nora Knoepflmacher, HGTV Magazine

"Get to know your mentors. I’m so glad that I made it a point to connect with my mentor multiple times this summer. We’ve chatted about life, career opportunities, and advice on making it in the journalism industry. Your mentors are truly here to help, so let them help you!"

-Sasha Wayman, Real Simple

"Don’t overthink yourself out of opportunities, say yes to any and everything even if it’s out of your comfort zone. 
Keep track of every task you take on throughout your internship! 
Connect with the people in the newsroom that align with your interests. Pick up the stories in their section. Ask them about their weekend. Read their stuff!"

-Essence Wiley, Washingtonian

Tips on applications: 

"When writing your cover letter, be sure to tell the recruiters about who you are, not just your credentials. Looking back at my materials, my application was made stronger by diving into why I’m passionate about magazine journalism specifically, rather than simply reiterating the experience on my resume. "

-Sasha Wayman, Real Simple

"When applying to ASME, be sure to represent who you both professionally and personally in an authentic way. Make your cover letter a true representation of your personality and a representation of your skills as a writer - tell a compelling story that gets into the core of who you are!"
-Kaitlyn Huamani, PEOPLE Magazine

 "When applying, try to show as much of yourself as you can. Select clips that you’re proud of and that tell the story not only of your skillset but also of your breadth as a writer. In your cover letter, make sure you hit every talking point while also conveying your passion for magazines."

-Nora Knoepflmacher, HGTV Magazine

"Take your time with all the application materials. Show that you really want this internship with a thoughtful application, different from the materials you submit for all other internships."
-Jenna Anderson, Inc. Magazine


"Whether it’s during your lunch break or after work, try to get out the door at least once a day. You’d be surprised by how energizing a walk around the block or your neighborhood can be." - Carol Lee, Food Network and Pioneer Woman

On a Walk

"1. Have a designated work notebook where you write down your tasks for the day as well as goals and take meeting notes 2. Use a tool like asana to list your assignments and share the board with your editor/manager so they know what you're up to each day 3. Go outside! Whenever you get the chance!"

- Madeleine Janz, World Wildlife Magazine

Man Working from Home

"Try to distinguish between your work space and your rest space. While working in bed or even in your bedroom can be enticing, it makes it much harder to unwind at the end of the day. If you don’t have much physical space where you are living, distinctions like getting fully dressed or even just sitting at a desk can be reminders to your mind and body of when you are working and when you are relaxing." - Sydney Gold, Ad Age

"Dedicate a space at home solely for work and separate from the place you relax. Also make sure it is an area good for zoom calls! (you want to worry about family/roommates walking past in the background)"

- Cey'na Smith, Inc

"Change up your workspace! It gets boring staying in the same room by yourself all day :)"

- Savanna Bous, Fast Company

"Have something you intermittently look forward to! Like a cup of coffee of tea!"

- Teresa Xie, Inc

"Make sure to take breaks, especially to eat lunch, stretch, look at something other than a screen." - Meara Isenberg, CNET

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