On behalf of the American Society of Magazine Editors, welcome to the Magazine Internship Program. When ASME was founded in 1963, one of the goals of the society was to attract talented, young journalists to magazine media (of course, there was only one magazine medium then, and that was print). For that reason, ASME established MIP in 1967. Now in its 53rd year, the program places interns at media organizations in New York and Washington.

This summer 22 undergraduates will participate in MIP. ASME intentionally selects interns from across the country. Some are enrolled at small liberal-arts colleges where there may be no journalism program at all; others study at large universities that boast highly specialized academic tracks in magazine journalism. But each applicant has shown the kind of skill and enthusiasm that are prerequisites for successful careers in magazine media.

This year 19 interns are assigned to magazines in New York and 3 are assigned to magazines in Washington. Your summer in the cities kicks off with a three-day orientation program that begins in late May. During your orientation, top editors and publishing executives will provide an overview of the magazine business, and former interns will talk to you about living and working in New York and Washington. You will begin work at your magazines the first week of June.

During the course of the summer, you will visit the offices of leading magazines in New York and Washington to meet other editors and learn more about publishing. Each of you will also be assigned a mentor—a member of ASME NEXT, a former ASME intern or a young industry professional—who will be there when everybody else has gone to the beach. By the end of the summer, you will have gained hands-on experience and a greater understanding of magazines.

More than 2,000 students have participated in MIP and more than 230 magazines have hosted ASME interns. Hundreds of alumni of the program now work for media. All we ask of you this summer is to work hard and ask questions—lots and lots of questions.

Nina Fortuna 


American Society of Magazine Editors 

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