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Anna Logan

Tears. That’s the first thing I associate with the ASME program. I was sitting at my kitchen counter in late March – an agonizing four months after I had submitted my application – when an email popped up on my computer. On March 27, (I’m giving you the exact date because if you’re anything like me, you’ll scour former interns’ social media pages for any status or post about the day they got their acceptance to give yourself a timeframe) I saw the email: ASME INTERNSHIP ACCEPTANCE. My heart dropped and the tears came. I jumped up and down, surely to the annoyance of my downstairs neighbors, and then I called my parents. By the way, neither of them picked up the first time so I just sat there crying and laughing by myself like a lunatic.


Between the job, the people and the networking opportunities, this was by far the best internship I’ve ever done. I’m currently a senior at the University of Georgia’s Henry W. Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication. While at UGA, I’ve been a part of the school newspaper and the magazine, writing feature length stories on everything from female artists and business owners to a unique chocolate shop with a delightfully romantic history. I’ve also been the assistant editor to a regional lifestyle publication. None of that, though, has compared to the real-world experience I got through ASME.


I hate to admit it, but that real world is approaching extra fast for me – I graduate in December 2017. I was way more scared of that date before ASME, but now I can’t wait for it. This internship has solidified my choice of career. If nothing else, that is the best thing ASME has given me.


Each morning this summer I would wake up and take the crowded M train into work. Piece of advice future ASME kids: bring a tiny fan to carry with you to work each morning. People will stare but you will not regret it. I would walk through the rotating doors of the Meredith building and greet the guy behind the desk. As I fly up the 20-something floors to my office, I open up my email and begin to check my list of duties for the day. Did I email Holly in the photo studio about returns yesterday? Did Tori send me something to research? Is there mail I need to pick up? (There always was). Do I have any press previews on the docket for that day? This internship is always exciting and crazy busy.


As an intern for Traditional Home, I was extremely, extremely lucky to work directly for the senior markets and design editor, Tori Mellott. If you didn’t already know this, Meredith is based out of Des Moines, Iowa. Some of their magazines are based completely in New York, but some, like Traditional Home, have offices in both cities. Our New York office is small – it’s just Tori and me. With such a small team, I got amazing hands-on experience. Trust me, the magazine industry can be as glamorous as you think it is! Even though I did basic administrative duties, I also got the opportunity to do some market editing and writing of my own. I attended appointments and press previews, wrote stories and slideshows, ran social media accounts and even got to go to the Hamptons twice for work. Twice! The Hamptons! For WORK!


If you’re thinking about doing this internship, let me tell you to stop thinking right now and just apply. Hands down, my summer with ASME was the best thing that could’ve happened to me both professionally and personally.


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