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Anna Meyer

As I’ve found out during my ASME summer internship at Inc. Magazine, my love for writing comes from interviewing cool people, conducting research and writing material that teaches others as much as it teaches myself. This is something that I first discovered when I started freelancing for the online magazine The Riveter, and it’s what I continue to enjoy at my current position as their digital editorial assistant.


I am pursuing degrees in both journalism and English at the University of Kansas, where I get to balance that love for writing by practicing both sides of the writing spectrum. For me, my studies move between writing about pressing current events and whatever world I dream up next. Both styles feed my drive to understand and to create.


Although a Minneapolis native, I’ve lived both the small town life in Lawrence, Kansas, and the bustling life of Manhattan, New York. My next adventure has me landing in Norwich, England, where I’ll be studying creative writing for a semester in the city named by UNESCO as the City of Literature. Most recently, I pushed my limits by climbing the Thórsmörk mountain range in Iceland, and it’s been one of my biggest accomplishments yet.


I identify as an avid consumer of ideas, along with being a perceptive, optimistic individual who is always on the lookout for a good story. My brain works best in the morning, when I’ll usually be found sitting on the floor, surrounded by notebooks filled with scribbled ideas, listening to The Replacements or Tears for Fears through my earbuds.


When I’m not studying or writing, I enjoy flexing my barista background by pulling the perfect espresso shot for myself in the morning, biking around trails in my neighborhood or planning for my next trip abroad. If you don’t find me in the crowd at a concert with friends on the weekend, you can check up on me via my Instagram or Twitter for my latest whereabouts (@annavmeyer).


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