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Chloe Anello

The first thing I’m asked after saying I intern for Women’s Health Magazine is always along the lines of “do you work out a lot?” Honestly, my answer is yes, but I can’t say that’s what initially connected me to the magazine, and throughout my time at Women’s Health, I’ve learned that the WH reader enjoys much more than just articles about workouts and weight loss. In the past, I turned to Women’s Health for tips on how to squat better or what cardio routines would help me reach my goals, but working for the magazine gave me a whole new perspective. I spend the most time conducting research for editors, which oftentimes includes reading complex studies about everything from how honey can improve Alzheimer’s to how sitting for too long each day can age your DNA (these are all real by the way!). I watch the preliminary research I do turn into something incredibly important that informs women across the country.


I always knew I wanted to work in magazines, but I never pictured myself at a health magazine. By placing me with Women’s Health, the ASME internship program helped me realize that I actually love it. It’s interesting how the most complex studies and research can be turned into a much greater story that can require 10 different people (editors and interns) to lend a hand. I had never seen such teamwork before, nor had I the opportunity to work closely with editors at the top of the masthead. From my first day, I felt invited into the small, close-knit team, and I’m thankful I had the opportunity to have such a well-rounded experience.


In the past, I interned for,, and, so Women’s Health gave me my first print internship, which greatly differs from digital experience. The pace for print does not compare to digital. I still have assignments marked “ASAP” and hustle hard to get my work done, but the final product based off my research doesn’t develop as quickly as it does for digital, which might take as little as an hour to come together. There’s more planning that goes into print, and that has been one of the best learning experiences.


Overall, I had the most amazing experience at Women’s Health and through the ASME internship. My eyes completely opened to different magazines that might suit my interests as I’m applying to full-time jobs (gasp!), and I’m definitely more prepared for the future.


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