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Courtney Wolfe

Depending on the age and interests of the person, I’m always asked one of two questions about my internship: 1. Have you met Martha Stewart? or 2. Have you met Snoop Dogg?


The answer is yes and unfortunately, no. But Snoop can wait, because I’m absolutely loving this

Martha Moment! As the style and beauty intern at Martha Stewart Weddings, I won’t claim that chatting with Mrs. Stewart is on my daily to-do list. However, I do get to report directly to some cats who are just as cool – the magazine’s style and beauty directors. When I was first accepted into ASME’s internship program, I had no idea what to expect. I had interned at magazines and newspapers before, but interning at a magazine in NYC seemed much scarier (I’ve seen “The Devil Wears Prada”)! Thankfully these worries were assuaged almost immediately when I met the endlessly kind and inspirational women I work for, who I absolutely idolize. Since I work for both the style and beauty departments, I never run out of things to do. I typically start my day by arriving at the Meredith building a half hour early to pick up and unwrap everyone’s packages from the mailroom. If an item comes in for an upcoming shoot, I check it into The Closet. If I unwrap a beauty sample, I lay it out for the beauty director to sort through later. The Closet, a storage space for the style and beauty departments, is a huge part of my job. I am constantly cleaning and organizing it so items are easy to find and both departments can run smoothly. While some might see this as a chore, I love the opportunity to inspect all of the clothes, shoes, jewelry and makeup. Later in the day, I might research the latest mascara trends or reach out to PR contacts to call in products for a shoot. The beauty director has even asked me to write some copy for the print issue! Working on set for shoots is a huge part of my job. I pack everything up the day before, ship it to the shoot location, then arrive early the day of to unpack and ensure everything is ready when the crew and models arrive. During the shoot, I keep everything tidy and organized, and am prepared to solve any problems that may arise, but I also get to watch the shoot and the stylists in action. Observing everyone do their part to create the prettiest picture always amazes me. While I’ll be devastated to leave, I know I’ll return to Chicago for my senior year more motivated to succeed than ever. This internship has strengthened my desire to work in magazines and given me the confidence that this dream I’ve had since I was a kid could really come true.




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