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Hunter Frint

With my name being Hunter and my hometown being in Kentucky, Field & Stream naturally seemed like like a solid fit for my summer internship. On the first day of orientation I was “warned” that my office has mounted animals hanging all over the walls, and without thinking I blurted out, “Well, that’s just like my house!” Everyone laughed at me.


But there’s no way I could have possibly prepared myself for everything that made this summer so wonderful. From the people I worked with to the projects we worked on, this has been the most rewarding work experience I’ve had yet. Every single person I worked with was friendly and helpful. I wasn’t prepared for the the camaraderie that I’d have with my editors and fellow interns. How many people actually hang out with those people outside of the office?


I was lucky to be placed with people who I could get beers with after work and go on hiking trips with on the weekends. This preserved my sanity, as I felt a little trapped in a place with so many people and a lot of tall buildings. Social aspects aside, Field & Stream allowed me to truly experience working for a magazine. I wrote a breaking news story, had first edits on some of our best writers’ pieces, and learned quite a bit about the online magazine world – something I had no prior experience with. Even though we were often collectively referred to as “The Interns,” I never felt as if our opinions or ideas weren’t valued.


Also, I’m not sure how my time in NYC would have turned out without the guidance and help of ASME. Having people who knew what they were doing not only in the magazine world, but in the crazy world of New York, was an absolute gift. The networking – which was drilled into our heads – was handed to us through numerous opportunities. And suggestions for weekend excursions made sure we had a good time.


When I received the email saying ASME had accepted me as a summer intern, I knew I was about to experience a prestigious and challenging opportunity. But my expectations were exceeded times a hundred. The connections I’ve made and the learning experiences I’ve had have helped me grow as writer, editor and journalist. I’ll forever be grateful for my summer as an ASME intern in New York City.


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