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Lauren Arantani

Island hopping is kind of my thing. I was born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii surrounded by some of the most beautiful scenery and worst traffic in the world. For college, I crossed the United States to attend Brown University in Rhode Island (it still counts as an island) where I’m pursuing a major in English. And for this summer — my first summer away from home — I’m in Manhattan interning at Inc.


Perhaps my interning at a magazine for entrepreneurs and business leaders was always meant to be. Though I never had dreams of starting my own business when I was younger, I recall being a young entrepreneur trying to sell “books” I made with blank printer paper and crayons for $4 to my mom. Though I no longer attempt to scam my mom into buying my hand-drawn books, my love for writing and my interest in business has come together during my time at Inc. This summer, I’ve been able to talk with entrepreneurs who have made millions from companies they’ve built from scratch and learn startup jargon like “exit strategy” and “venture capitalists,” all while working with some of the most talented and passionate people in the business of writing about business.


My time at Inc. has put my experience in journalism so far to the test. I’ve been able to use the critical thinking and editing skills that I’ve developed as editor-in-chief of The Brown Daily Herald, Brown’s campus daily, as I fact checked stories for Inc.’s big September issue. My time at HuffPost Hawaii last summer has helped me be a better writer for Inc.’s website. Now, with my time with Inc. and ASME, I know so much more about how magazines work and how much effort goes into every single page and article. I’m extremely thankful for the opportunities I have been given to grow as a journalist and all the people who have taken the time to show me the ropes of the industry.


Outside of work and school, I enjoy reading magazines (of course), listening to podcasts, taking long walks in the city and, often unsuccessfully, attempting to cook.


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