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Sydney Otto

I received my magazine assignment while driving to a hike with some friends. I was so nervous (and driving), so I asked my friend to see where I’d been assigned. A huge smile spread across her face. “Food Network Magazine!” she screamed. I nearly cried. It was my top choice and there was nothing in the world that could make me happier than spending the summer in my favorite city writing about my favorite thing, food, of course!


Back at Ohio University, I study journalism with an emphasis in German and publication design. I always thought magazines would be what I enjoyed the most and my ASME internship confirmed that for me. I picked up the publication design aspect of my degree during my junior year, when I fell in love with design. As for German, I started learning it during my first year of college. I studied the language in Austria during my sophomore year and I’ve become quite fluent.


I truly developed my love of traveling while studying abroad. I was able to visit 12 countries and countless cities including Berlin, London, Amsterdam and Copenhagen. I always enjoy being a tourist and seeing all the sights of beautiful cities and learning the history behind them.


Outside of my studies, I help design one of the on-campus magazines and I write for another one. I’m also president of our Ed2010 chapter. I love to go on bike rides and hike with my friends. I also enjoy cooking and baking and regularly host friends in my apartment for a good meal. Over the summers, I used to bake cakes out of my home for people. When I get back to school, I’ll start working on a new project. I want to cook my way through “The Essentials of Italian Cooking” by Marcella Hazan. I’ll be writing about it of course.


I love to read books on subway rides, eat hotdogs at baseball games, swim in the ocean, lick the spoon after making brownies, throw balls for my Weimaraner, water my plants, trim my own bangs and flip through magazines in the park.




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