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Victoria Holt

To be clear, I can’t cook at all. I burn grilled cheese, make crunchy pasta and pretty much worship my microwave. I don’t know too much about home decor either, or any of the other domestic arts that are written about and revered at Martha Stewart Living (MSL), where I’m completing my summer internship. So for me, this summer of learning has been a twofold experience.


As someone whose experience in the media world has been mostly digital, I came into the summer with the primary focus of learning as much as I possibly could about print journalism. At MSL, I’ve gotten to learn about all the different moving parts that are needed behind the scenes at a print magazine, and had the opportunity to work with incredible people who have helped me to experience all the different components that go into making this magazine tick. Whether I’m researching, fact-checking or wielding an iron at a photoshoot, I constantly feel caught up in the commotion and excited to see the beautiful product of all these tiny different pieces.


For me, one of the most exciting weeks of my internship was the week we were closing one of our fall issues. Everyone was buzzing around the office, last-minute changes were being made and a sense of urgency filled the air. In my mind, what makes print journalism so special and different from digital is its finality. When you’re publishing a magazine, you’re putting together a piece of art that represents your brand and your message and putting it out into the world. Getting the opportunity to work and learn at MSL has been a blessing, and having the chance to work with people who so firmly and passionately espouse the brand and what it stands for has been an inspiration that constantly reminds me why I’m so excited to pursue a career in this field.


As someone who has spent the majority of her life living in places often (and rightfully) described as “the middle of nowhere,” this summer has been both wonderful and overwhelming, and going through it with my fellow ASME interns has made it all the more exciting. I’ve experienced and learned more than I thought I possibly could, and for that I feel very lucky. And hopefully by the end of the summer I’ll have stopped burning grilled cheese.


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