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William Thompson

When I first heard about the ASME internship opportunity, I was thrilled. I thought, “This is perfect for me! Almost a dream come true!” Not only did I desire to work in magazines upon graduation, but I planned to live in my favorite city: New York. The ASME Magazine Internship Program has been the portal to my fondest wishes.


Never could I have imagined that these optimistic dreams would soon become my reality. As a rising senior majoring in mass communication at Dillard University, I’ve worked hard to develop the skill sets needed for a career in magazines, Over the course of 10 weeks through the ASME program, I have been fully immersed into the world of all things editorial. I’ve received hands-on experience, and have put everything I have learnt to go good use.


As a native of New Orleans, Louisiana making the summer transition from the “Big Easy” to the “Big Apple” was quite an intimidating thought. “How was I going to survive in New York City all alone”? “What was it going to be like”? “How will I make new friends”? “HOW WILL I EVER LEARN THE SUBWAY SYSTEM”? All questions I thought to myself as I boarded my plane and began this new journey.


As I stepped into the ASME office, along with awkward silence came 32 young men and women filled with dreams like myself of becoming the next big thing! Initially, all with the thought of competition and outshining one another, we slowly began to learn that we were all here for the same goal, helping each other pursue our dreams by any means necessary. (With, of course, the crash courses/101’s needed as an editorial intern).


As my first day began, I learned that HGTV magazine was a new home away from home, just a little better decorated. As an editorial intern, I have pitched ideas, transcribed interviews, helped with story research, attended weekly production meetings and even assisted with cover photo shoots. I have even as an intern been allowed to be a part of the masthead! (I mean seriously how cool is that)? I have also been able to work with amazing people who have shown the value of teamwork and encouragement while still stressing the importance of deadlines.


Through this opportunity, I have not only gained a substantial amount of knowledge and working experience, but I have also been able to form true relationships with fellow ASME classmates who all share the same goal — success.



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