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Melania Hidalgo

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I’ve moved so much that no one place feels like home anymore; just a lot of people I love to visit. I was born in Boston, but quickly moved back to my home country of Spain, spent two years in Switzerland, and then headed off on my own to an international school in Trieste, Italy. That’s when I decided I would go to Northwestern’s Medill School of Journalism, through which I got this internship at People magazine.

Despite always loving entertainment, oddly enough, I’d never thought about blending it with my profession until the middle of my freshman year, when I co-founded a literary sex magazine on campus. Fast-forward to our first completed issue, and the glossy, finished product of a magazine had sealed my fate. I went on to intern at the entertainment desk of France 24, New York Magazine, The Hollywood Reporter, and finally, People. Here, more than anywhere, I’ve been thrust into the world of online journalism, with all its excitement, stress, and thrill. It’s not often that you find a workplace where every day keeps you on your toes and forces you to challenge yourself in the way this place has.

I built the confidence to fight for what I wanted to do, work on the subjects I was most passionate about, and slowly earn their trust as a reliable crutch of their respective teams. Looking at the clock like a series of 45-minute deadlines throughout the workday is no easy task, but it’s forced me to become a better, more efficient writer and self-editor, preemptively assessing every element that a complete People piece will need. On top of that, the amount of fact-checking that goes into creating a print issue, the intricacies behind the process, and the meticulous attention to detail we need to include has put everything into perspective for me. Staying up until midnight at the office with my fellow interns has been one of the best experiences of this internship. (And the red carpets…definitely the red carpets.)


All in all, I am incredibly grateful to have been given this extraordinary opportunity at such a labor-intensive, national publication like this. Every day is a learning experience, and I can’t wait for what’s next.

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