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Checking Off My NYC Bucket List

Updated: Aug 3, 2019

Is one summer enough time to check off all the items on your NYC bucket list?

by Katie Pittman

When I found out I was accepted into the ASME Internship Program, my mind immediately started racing. Would I be in New York City? What would I do? Where would I live? More importantly, is one summer enough time to check off all the items on my NYC bucket list?

I’ve wanted to live in the city for years. When I first visited New York after high school graduation, I knew it was the place for me. I loved the fast pace and having almost anything you could ever want at your fingertips. Luckily, after living here for almost three months, I can say I’ve checked off quite a few bucket list items.

Let’s start from the beginning:

1. Hit up Smorgasburg — Smorgasburg, a weekend food festival in Brooklyn, is every foodie’s dream. From ice cream to pomme frites, it’s got it all. I first made the trek to Brooklyn my second weekend in the city. Since then, I’ve made at least five trips back, making sure to try something new every visit. My personal favorite? Fresh French fries with avocado and herb aioli from Home Frite. Or the crawfish macaroni and cheese from Parish Po’ Boys. Or Stand Coffee’s twist on the Arnold Palmer: cold brew with sweetened oat milk and lemonade. When visiting Smorgasburg, go hungry (or thirsty).

2. Walk the entire Chelsea High Line — Although it took two attempts, a friend and I finally made it across the entire High Line. We didn’t make it more than 30 minutes on our first try due to the sweltering heat (but we made it far enough to grab an ice cream sandwich before turning around). The former railway offers gorgeous views of Chelsea from above, and it also wraps back toward the Hudson River for some gorgeous water views.

3. Get a custom piercing at Space 108BK — Everyone knows I’m horribly indecisive, which makes it hard for me to commit to anything—especially when it comes to the big things. I’ve been wanting more ear piercings for years, but I could never decide where. Adrian Castillo, a piercer at Space 108BK in Brooklyn, does assorted piercings, meaning he chooses what piercings he thinks will best suit a client. Two sessions and three piercings later, I have a perfectly curated set of earrings—and I didn’t even have to decide their placement. Not only that, but the studio space is extremely clean and Adrian is super nice. Thanks to him, my friend and I visited one of coolest bars ever (and it was filled with dogs and puppies. It’s called Lucky Dog, FYI).

4. Conquer the subway system — I didn’t think I had this down until my brother asked me which line we had to take to get back to his hotel. I immediately rattled off three different routes we could take—which caught both him and myself off guard. Am I a pro? Absolutely not, but I can get around without using Google Maps now.

5. Make new friends — When I came to the city, I knew absolutely no one. I had no idea who my roommates were going to be, how my co-workers would like me, or if I would meet anyone along the way. Thankfully, I’ve got three spectacular roommates, amazing co-workers, and I even met some fellow Bobcats along the way (OU, oh yeah!).

6. Visit the Heavenly Bodies exhibit at the Met — I’m a bit of a fashion geek, so I knew I had to see the Heavenly Bodies exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The clothes and artifacts featured did not disappoint. I even had to pick my jaw up off the ground a few times.

7. Find “my” coffee shop — My friends and family back home know that I do my best work when caffeinated and cozy (shout out to Donkey Coffee in Athens, Ohio. You all keep me sane). Finding a place to work and be near coffee was a big deal for me. Luckily, I found City of Saints Roasters on 10th street. The barista is even an Ohio native.

8. Never deny a photo booth opportunity — I’m a sucker for instant photos. There’s something about being able to hold a photo that makes it so much more special. I’ve successfully dragged friends and family into every photo booth I’ve come across thus far (for a grand total of 12 photos).

9. See a Broadway show — I must admit, I’m not a huge show tunes girl. But, when in New York, right? My brother and his wife took me to see Waitress. Let’s just say the I’ve got a few new favorite songs.

10. Walk the Brooklyn Bridge — On a breezy day, my friend Alex and I made the 1.134-mile trek across the Brooklyn Bridge. We managed to avoid most of the bikers (narrowly) while taking in the views of the Manhattan skyline.

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